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Considerations Before Surgery

Before entrusting in a randomly selected surgeon, you should make some thorough considerations. At International Health Care we underline quality. Nothing is more important to us, than the quality we provide our clients with. Therefore we have carefully selected hospitals and clinics, who live up to our expectations and demands for quality.

The following considerations should be made before you select a clinic/hospital/surgeon abroad...

International Health Care has helped thousands of Danes to go abroad for surgery. This makes us the leading in Scandinavia in our field. We have had several positive media comments (Click to read articles/view TV-sequences) and we only use some of the world’s best surgeons in their field. All of our hospitals and surgeons are insurance covered and International Health Care offer 10 years of guarantee, on all visual correction treatments. International Health Care is the only company of its kind to offer Femto-laser treatment. These are some of the reasons that we can guarantee the optimal safety and quality at very low prices.

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